Green Capital brings to bear its considerable industry expertise to create innovative solutions. The services provided by Green Capital are delivered without limiting or tying client companies to specific organizations, one distinction that Green Capital has over our competitors.

Green Capital provides a variety of services to private and corporate clients and ensures that:

  • The market should be resilient and offer good opportunities for profit
  • The investment structure should be both secure and transparent
  • There should be adequate regulation and defined minimum standards
  • An exit strategy should be clear from the outset

Green Capital’s work is research driven: Investment concepts are generated by Green Capital’s proprietary research activity, which is designed to find the most attractive opportunities in the renewable energy and emission trading markets. Green Capital facilitates the substantial flow of transaction opportunities generated by our diverse client base among commodity producers, consumers, fabricators and processors.

Our efforts focus on establishing beneficial, long-term relationships, with both companies and investors. Clients seek the services of Green Capital because they trust the caliber of expertise in commodities, renewable energies and emission trading markets that the company is consistently providing.